Avi Basuki

AVI BASUKI – Lead Facilitator

Coming from a lineage of Javanese healers, Avi is offering vibrational therapy in Alam Farma’s serene healing space in Umalas, Bali. As a shamanic and yoga practitioner, she works with Color, Sound & Movement.

Most of this modern-day Dis-ease come from an unbalanced relationship between our body, mind & spirit. Through vibrational therapy, we get in touch with the subtle bodies, acknowledging the imbalances in that space, to slowly bring balance and wellness to the whole being through soft elemental sounds, color therapy and sound acupuncture. If needed, movement and/or yoga therapy will also be prescribed.

Avi is trained in Yoga through the Shri Vidya Lineage, she is also trained by the father of Vibrational Therapy, Fabien Maman, as well as an ongoing student of Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She holds private yoga classes and yoga therapy consultations, as well as healing others through Sound, Color & Movement, online and in person in Bali.