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Yoga for Kids Bali

Are you ready to make a difference?
Founded on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia, we invite you to join us in our mission of teaching kids yoga!

Become a Childrenโ€™s Yoga Teacher!

Building Conscious, Active Global Citizens
We believe that every child walks their own life path. Our role is to stimulate and support motivation from within as spiritual beings and to show them their highest potential using the tools of Yoga and Mindfulness.
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Adults who would like to learn how to teach yoga.


Therapists, educators, and other professionals who want to enhance their skills.


Parents and caregivers wishing to develop yoga and mindfulness with their children.


Certified yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge.


What People Say

I liked the course very much. The online platform is very clear and the content is well structured. I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge and find that it is just the right amount of knowledge in the different areas to have a clear understanding of yoga, child development and what is important in children’s yoga. I especially enjoyed the section on how stress acts in our bodies and what we can actively do about it. I am very happy to be able to acquire more knowledge in this area. It is also great that you can work on the course so flexibly. This makes it a lot easier to combine it with the other duties. Your quick feedback is also very helpful. YOU have a great charisma and show how important the topic of Mindfulness for children is to you. That is very motivating. I also think it’s great that you show us how we can get into the business of children’s yoga and don’t see you as “competition”. That’s just great, because I don’t know it especially from other yoga courses or schools. I enjoyed the course immensely and I am grateful for your great support. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to use this knowledge soon to give children a stress free future.


I really loved the course material and how it was structured. I especially liked how you linked what we are doing with connection to neurology and neuropsychology (Iโ€˜m a psychology major). That was very interesting for me! I also really enjoyed the chair yoga part! And I especially appreciate the creative parts and inspiration in the training! The connection of art and yoga is something that I would like to work with more in the future.


Jeanne Welsh is full of passion and experience and it shines through in her well-organised course that is filled with information and valuable resources. This course gives you the tools and knowledge to teach kids and teens yoga with confidence and mindfulness. Jeanne provides ready to use teaching resources that are so well done and ignite a number of lesson possibilities! I learnt so much and am so inspired after this course. I enjoyed the layout of the course and the music module by Avi was a fantastic bonus! Highly recommend for any aspiring yoga teachers and school teachers that want to bring more mindfulness and movement into their classrooms.


Ready to learn how to teach kids yoga?