Breathing Exercises for Children

Has your child been feeling stressed lately? Try deep breathing exercises. It will help them feel calm, reduce anxiety, and stay in control. Practice deep breathing at least five to ten minutes a day and you’ll notice the benefits in no time: less stress, better attention span, and more happiness.

Child breathing

Deep breathing exercises are important for children to learn in a calm state. The first step is to find a quiet environment where children can focus on their breathing.  Next, they will want to practice for a few minutes each day. Children will need to breathe deeply and slowly and then exhale slowly and gently. Some kids will be calmer quicker than others. Make sure they repeat the technique until they feel calm and relaxed.

The Benefits of Teaching Children Deep Breathing Exercises

Teaching children deep breathing exercises will not only reduce their stress levels, but also increase their self-esteem. This can be done in various ways- for instance, by asking them to imagine themselves in different environments where they feel calm and secure, or by giving them an object to hold which helps them to visualise a happy memory.

Mindful Breathing Activities Pack

A simple, easy-to-use, and fun tool for teaching kids and teens mindful breathing exercises.

Busy days can be stressful for kids, which is why breathing exercises are an excellent way to relieve stress. There Yoga for Kids Bali Mindful Breathing Activities provide children with a way to tune out stress and relax. With that mental clarity, children are able to focus better on their day-to-day tasks.

Tips for mindful breathing with children:

  1. Before school begins, to set the tone for the day.
  2. After recess, to help calm the class.
  3. After a yoga break, to refresh and reset. 
  4. After lunch, to end the day on a gently positive note.
  5. Before a test, to prepare and focus the mind.

The Yoga for Kids Bali Mindful Activity Ebook: This digital download is a collection of the following:


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Watch our videos and see how it’s done!

8 x Breathing activities: 1 video for each breathing activity.


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