The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is an excellent way for children and adults to stay healthy! Yoga can help children of all ages by improving their focus, body strength, and flexibility. It also helps children learn about their minds and bodies by exploring yogic poses. 

Yoga is a great way to teach children to be mindful of themselves, and the world around them.


1. Improves concentration and reduces childhood anxiety

Yoga can help with tension and stress, improve thinking and memory, stimulate creativity and imagination, and help with anxiety.

2. Balances Energy

Yoga is a great way for kids to release energy, calm their thoughts, and get them in the present moment. Yoga can have many benefits for the mind, such as improving mental clarity and being less impulsive.

3. Problem Solving

Yoga is an activity that requires intense focus, which can improve the ability to come up with new solutions.

Side note: Try our Mindful Breathing Techniques downloadable activity pack for additional benefits. These deep breathing exercises (also known as belly breathing) are an excellent resource for relaxation techniques.


1. Yoga enhances flexibility

Yoga stretches are helpful for your muscles. They can help you feel less stiff or tired, and they provide an excellent way to improve your mobility!

2. Childhood and Body Developmental Milestones

Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen your vestibular system. This sensory apparatus of the inner ear helps the body balance and maintain its equilibrium. Yoga also coordinates eye and head movements, while enhancing whole-body awareness.

Yoga improves gross motor skills, as well as both left and right-hand movements.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen the immune system, develop strong bones and good posture, and even combat injuries. In addition to reducing stress, it also improves digestion and circulation as well as eliminating toxins.


1. Build up Confidence

Discipline and self-control are so important for kids, but it can be hard to teach these qualities. Yoga offers ways to help children develop these characteristics.

2. Self-Awareness

Kids who are aware of and regulate their emotions are better able to deal with the challenges of everyday life. By maintaining a sense of calm, they have better impulse control.

3. Yoga creates connections and community

Yoga can help kids to become more aware of themselves, others, and the environment. Yoga can increase a child’s emotional intelligence by making them more aware of their own feelings and those of others.

Perspective taking is critical for empathy, or the ability to be compassionate and caring about things from another individual’s point of view.

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About the Author


Jeanne Welsh, E-RYT® 200YACEP, is an experienced early childhood specialist and yoga teacher. Jeanne is committed to providing children and adults with the opportunity to learn the physical and mental benefits of yoga. She founded Yoga for Kids Bali and provides consultations to schools and organisations in person and online. Jeanne has seen firsthand the benefits that yoga and mindfulness can have on a child’s life and believes that this is a new approach to revolutionise the way we heal young people.